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Day 1
The first day will explore the origin, evolution and resilience of the Antarctic Treaty System that emerged from the success of the International Geophysical Year. Recognizing that the Antarctic Treaty has grown from a purely intergovernmental meeting to one with a much wider range of participants, the following sessions present a number of key themes and through discussion and posters will explore interactions among the diverse Antarctic stakeholders in the global community.

Day 2
The second day – the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Antarctic Treaty – will celebrate this unique international agreement and offer participants the chance to sign the For Ever Declaration that Antarctica is a Beacon of Peace. The sessions will explore some of critical contributions of the Antarctic Treaty System to global science, examine its remarkable levels of international co-operation at all levels and discuss some of its challenges for the future.

Day 3
These sessions will explore the interplay of the Antarctic Treaty and other international institutions that are being adopted to manage human activities on a planetary scale, consider the lessons from the Antarctic Treaty, and recognize the importance of science in providing a sound basis for managing our future.

Summit Outcomes
These outcomes regarding lessons learned from the first 50 years of the [i]1959 Antarctic Treaty[/i] emerged from the international, interdisiplinary and inclusive collaborations associated with the Anatactic Treaty Summit.