Presenter: Dr. Jean-Robert Petit

Name: Dr. Jean-Robert Petit
Position: Directeur de Recherche, Center National de la Recherche, France

Biography: Dr Jean-Robert Petit gained both his first degree and his doctorate in glaciology from the Universite Joseph Fourier at Grenoble. He began his glaciology studies at CNRS Laboratoire Glaciologie Alpineback in 1977 and since 1992 has been the Director of CNRS-Laboratoire Glaciologie et GŽophysique de lÕEnvironnement. He has spent 16 field seasons in the Antarctic collecting or drilling for snow and ice samples. He is a leading international scientist in palaeoclimatology from ice cores and has long been involved in the SCAR Subglacial Antarctic Lake Exploration Group of Specialists as well as in the EPICA ice coring projects.