Presenter: Professor Gillian Triggs

Name: Professor Gillian Triggs
Position: Dean of Law School, University of Sydney, Australia

Biography: Professor Gillian Triggs is a public international lawyer and Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney. She was the Director of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law from 2005-7 and Joint General Editor of the International and Comparative law Quarterly. Gillian has published widely on the international legal aspects of the Antarctic Treaty System over the last 25 years and contributed to the development of Australian Antarctic policy as a member of the CommonwealthÕs Antarctic Science Advisory Council. Gillian maintains a commercial legal practice as barrister with Seven Wentworth Chambers, Sydney. Her recent publications include, International Frontiers and Boundaries (with Prescott, 2008), International Law: Contemporary Principles and Practices (2006) and Antarctica: Legal and Environmental Challenges (2007, with Riddell).